Employee Recognition

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                                                 Your employees are your competitive advantage in the marketplace. They are your "added-value" that no other company has.
                                            How you motivate and recognize your employees will affect your bottom line. If you want to dominate your markets, you need to
                                            energize your front line workers with a desire and drive to accomplish your goals for business growth. It's not difficult to do, with
                                            the right strategic plan. We can help you reach this goal!

                                                 At SAS we don't just sell "products". We have gone through a comprehensive ENRI Certification process to become the Experts so
                                            that we can be trusted advisors to our Clients and help them create a proper Recognition Program that will best serve their needs.

                                             These are a few highlights from the ENRI1 and INSR studies, that as Certified Recognition Consultants,
                                             we use when designing Recognition Awards to meet the needs of our Clients.


                                            In 1996, the SEC sponsored a symposium on intellectual capital at which Commissioner Steven M.H. Wallman predicted that intellectual capital would one day
                                            become the heart of the modern corporate annual report. He also advised companies to begin experimenting with the disclosure of “hidden” assets through published supplements.2

                                            1 The ENRI surveys and INSR studies are a comprehensive10 year report that gathered data from 13 states and over 80 corporate, medium and small businesses. 
                                            The main purpose of this study was to determine what motivates employees in the workplace and is used by Certified Recognition Consultants to help them design
                                            effective Recognition Award Programs.

                                            2 Leif Edvinsson and Michael S. Malone, Intellectual Capital, (New York: HarperCollins), 1997, p.5 .